La transit in Panama

Today I had to wake up at 330 am which was really hard for me because usually I wake up at San Francisco time.
We went to catch a flight to go to Panama and we are still in Panama waiting for a flight to San Salvador. So when we get to San Salvador (or El Salvador)we will go meet my grandma’s mom: Abuelita, tia Patin and one of my cousins whose name is Ricardito. We’ll be there at 1230, or at least that’s what we think.
It’s freezing in the airport, or at least my grandma thinks it is. It is now 943, and our flight boards at 1030.
My Yaya is the best (ha ha…this is Yaya’s comment since he told me he would not mention me because this blog is “private”)
See you in El Salvador !



The 65, including dead, iguana day and iguana poop day and more…

Today we went to Santa Fe island. We got to see huge cactus (i have a picture). The first iguana that we saw, our leader thought was just resting in the shade but it was pooping ! how sad is that ?!
We saw a lot of feisty sea lions and a huge great blue heron. Then I went on the glass bottom boat where I got to see 7 huge sea turtles.
The next island was South Plaza, where we got to see 65 iguanas including a dead one. We also got to see the swallow tail gulls in their nests.
This was our last island.
I have liked everything, every animal and every subject in every island. I have taken 664 pictures, made new friends: Margaret and Nicole and got some cool stuff.
I have learned that the swallow tail gull is nocturnal, that when you bother sea turtles, they sink down….don’t worry they don’t die. I have learned that iguanas shed skin.
This is the end of the galapagos. Don’t worry my blog is not done. I will be going to El Salvador next and maybe write about my adventures in San Francisco.









Sea Lion Chaser

Today we went to Floreana Island. We picked up mail and dropped our post cards in the barrel.
After that, we went to the beach where there were many sea lions playing with us. There was one sea lion chasing me to the beach. That was fun !
After lunch, we went on the glass bottom boat to see fish, sea stars and sea lions under water. That was really cool.
Right now, I am in the jacuzzi relaxing.







Tortoises and more tortoises

Today we went to the Wildlife center to see how they hatch baby turtles which they later release in the islands.
Lonesome George died three days ago, so we missed him. But we met Diego who came from the San Diego zoo.
After that we went to the Finch hotel – a swimming pool hotel- and the manager said to me “If you scare the duck out of the swimming pool, you get a free ice cream” and guess what ??….. I got one !
In the afternoon we went to a farm to see more tortoises walking up and down the hills and into the ponds.

And that was today’s tortoises !
and even more tortoises !









Swimming at the sea shore

Today we went swimming near the sea shore at Rabida island and then later Santa Cruz island. The only animals I could see under the water were little fishes who can bite people, but they did not bite me. The second thing I saw was a sting ray.
First in the morning, we woke up, went to the Rabida island beach until the panga picked us up ant took us to the glass bottom boat. From there, we saw 2 sharks, 1000 of every kind of starfish and a million schools of colored fish. I really liked that!

We saw mocking birds and finches in Rabida island.
Today was a swimming day…and I really liked it.
This has been an awesome adventure !









The everywhere day

Today we went everywhere ! First we went to see the big tortoises. To get there, we took a panga ride and had a wet landing. The turtles are much bigger than i thought they were. We also saw land iguanas huge!
we saw some locusts and the guide examined the tortoise poo to see what it had eaten…it was definitely smaller than i could think of and had small plants.
Then we went swimming in the deep ocean and then we went snorkeling. we also went on a panga ride around Isabela island where we saw penguins, nazca boobies and turtles.
I also got to drive the panga ! that was really cool.
Now i am off to have dinner with my friends!

and that is my everywhere day !






Photos from Isabel Island and Bahia Urbina

These are the animals that we saw today and yesterday. Everything is my favorite!
I got to go deep ocean swimming and was not scared anymore. I am busy with my new friends and making clay figures of animals we see.
I like that the boat people make shapes of Galapagos animals with towels on our beds. That is cool.
I also like the guides who show us things. They are the best !
Later !




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Day 2 on the Galapagos Islands

Today I got to see more animals than i can imagine: orca whales, sea turtles, penguins,1000 iguanas, another snake, sally lightfoot crab and more sea lions.

We also saw a stone crab kill and drag a baby iguana, fighting the other crab.
Some people saw sting rays. I also saw flyless cormorant and nazca boobie.

Today was a great day. My favorite part of the day was being able to get really close to the sea lions.
I have made friends and now i am about to go have dinner with them: KIDS ONLY !
I got a little stuffed turtle from the ship people. it is very nice.

Adios amigos !





North Isabel Island


This morning we went on a boat around the coast to see animals:
We saw sally lightfoot crabs, sea lions, marine iguanas, a different kind of boobie, marine turtles, fur seals and lots of fish.
We can see turtles and sea lions from our boat, they are really cool.

Our boat moves around from island to island all the time, which is good, because we get to see many different things !

hasta luego






Aboard La Pinta!


I am now aboard a ship called La Pinta. One of Christopher Columbus’ ships was named La Pinta. But this ship has four levels of awesomeness!!
The food is delicious… I could live on the food we had for lunch for one week !
The people on the boat are very very niice. Much better than the people at United, that I reported earlier.
I already saw 2 sea lions as I was boarding our boat to come to La Pinta. I will send pictures next time. The little boats we use to get to the islands are called pangas.

There are 48 people and 31 crew members on the ship. We are about to go get our snorkeling gear and get started with our activities.
I talk to you when we get to the islands.

your traveler, Aidan